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  I’m neither interested in sports nor good at it. But except swimming. I can swim since I was a baby. My mother tells me that she let me swim in the water with a life-buoy when I was 20 days old. And then I can swim gradually. When I grow up, I like swimming very much. I swim all the year round. Swimming in summer makes me feel comfortable to lower my temperature. While winter swimming makes me feel excited and achievability.

  In general, swimming keeps me fit in both physical and mental. Whenever I feel upset, I would go swimming and then I would be full of energy and feel relax. Besides I believe it is due to swimming that I’m so thin. Who wants to lose weight, join me. We can make more friends in swimming. Oh, I couldn’t wait to swim now. But it is ten o’clock in the evening. I have to go to sleep. Good night everyone.




  As we all kown that The World Expo will be held in Shanghai,China in these day. It witnesses the High-level and all-directional the develop of China in recent years. It also shows clearly that China is now growing up . Honestly, The World Expo will be coming with The great significance.

  To begin with, The World Expo will be held in Shanghai,China,which will promote the senses of the pride and national cohesion for every chinese people. More and more people will have an agreement on the development in China. then, it will develop local economics in order to increase GDP in China. Because foreign currency will be coming accompany foreigns'coming. Finally, we can strengthen the communicated with each other,including the culture, the economic and so on.

  As a chinese people,I have a great desire for welcoming you all to my country. You must be surprised while coming. So , may you enjoy it !

  Attention please, everyone,

  Our class will go to have a physical examination in People's Hospital on Saturday, 10th May. We'll meet at the hospital gate at 7:45.. It is not far from our school. It's about fifteen minutes' walk.You may either walk there or go there by bicycle.

  The examination will begin at 8:00. We are not allowed to eat or drink anything before the examination. Keep quiet there and listen to the doctors and nurses. After the examination you may go home.

  The relationship between a teacher and a student can be either good or bad, helpful or harmfuh. Either way, the relationship can affect the student for the rest of his life. A good teacher-student relationship will make learning enjoyable and well mutually understandable. Whereas, a had relationship can discourage the student from learning and make teaching an unpleasant task.

  In order to have a good teacher-student relationship, it is important that the teacher and the student respect each other. The teacher does not have to force the student to learn. In fact, many students will often work hard simply because they respect their teachers and want to please them. The teacher should motivate and encourage the student without forcing him. Heneeds patience and understanding. Learning can be fun when the student has the right attitude about it. As for the student,he must always show the teacher proper respect. He should be eager to learn and willing to work hard. It is also important to listen carefully and pay attention. Otherwise he would not be able to profit fully from his teacher's knowledge and assistance.

  In conclusion, a good teacher-student relationship can be mutually heneficiah The student gains knowledge eagerly and enjoyably, and the teacher gains satisfaction from his job



  Weekends to people mean that people can have two days’ rest. They can go out or get together at home.

  Everybody spends weekends in his own way. Some people relax themselves by listening to music, reading in libraries or doing sports outdoors. In a word, different people have different relaxations.

  I often spend weekends with my family. Sometimes my parents take me to visit our relatives. Sometimes we go swimming or go dancing and sometimes I go to read some instructive books. I often enjoy myself at weekends.


  Freedom in my Dream

  As the whole world has its boundaries, limits and freedom coexist in our life. I don’t expect complete freedom, which is impossible. I simply have a dream that supports my life.

  I dream that one day, I could escape from the deep sea of thick schoolbooks and lead my own life. With my favorite fictions, I lie freely on the green grass, smelling the spring, listening to the wind singing, breathing the fresh and cool air and dissolve my soul in nature at last. Simple and short enjoyment can bring me great satisfaction.

  I dream that one day the adults could throw their prejudice of comic and cartoon away. They could keep a lovely heart that can share sorrow and happiness with us while watching cartoon or doing personal things. That’s the real communication of heart to heart.

  I have the belief that my dreams should come true. I am looking forward to some day coming when I am like a proud eagle, which flies to the blue and vast sky.

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