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  Winter, in my life, has come to the end of twelve times. Every time, the winter is cool, silent, quietly watching the original noisy bustle of the world becomes calm depression. It is indifferent to hear the roar of the north wind blew the trees get rattled Windows, let the flowers wither, deciduous, turned a blind eye to, hear. Therefore, I hate winter, it brings the cold, cold and cheerless.

  The winter of this year, as usual, it still comes with that child. However, when it came to my life again, I found that it is not nothing, it's just that I haven't found it before flashing on the spot.

  Isn't it? You see, at ordinary times the unknown wintersweet, head wind, solid ice and snow, hold in full bloom, doggedly growth in the snow.

  Because of the winter, the pine trees and again to the a suit like jade jie, as white as silver and as light as smoke, like catkin soft's new clothes. It for narcissus to sprinkle the white flowers, for the willow wrapped in the simple but elegant silver bar. Because of it, only then has the vanity of build by laying bricks or stones jade in the world.

  Because had the winter, the leaves were able to fly in the sky, always fell to the ground, made a good composition.

  Because of the winter, life became colorful. In after you just enjoy the splendid golden, and revel in the pure white.

  The beauty of winter is need us to experience and understand the slowly, it brings us the feeling is profound. We are grateful for the winter.

  Thank you for the winter, it is winter cold, let us more understand better after suffering;

  Thank you for the winter, it is the cold in the winter, let's practice the quality of overcoming difficulties;

  Thanks to the winter, it is winter has taught us to cherish life.

  Thank you, in the winter.














  Life is like a meteor across the night sky, shining with dim also good, let us use different writing different wonderful life, show excellent self, writing life wonderful. .

  It was a year winter...

  The cold weather has forced near my helpless, can't, had to hide in that open central heating in restaurant. A cup of blue mountain coffee, heating, soon sight was foggy... Gradually, with a blue caught my eye, drill and mist blue mixed with changing, have made me to all things have become accustomed to the eyes. Deeply intoxicated in it. Intoxicated "little brother" took me back to reality. I subconsciously looked around, all around are adults, should be called me, I remove the coffee, want to see who it was, but after remove coffee, I once again look for a head of long mane, a drill, small blue coat, a symbol of knowledge under the glasses have a pair of watery big eyes. Is a "little brother" pull my from drunk back to reality, "oh, sister, why? Besides, we also don't know?" "You don't know me but I know you ah, you are li LAN brother. He also often stunned is not a good thing." "Oh, thank you for your sister teachings" I am ashamed to scratch a brief nod. "Hey, brother also like coffee, blue mountain and mocha." "Blue mountain, after the first acerbity sweet taste very nostalgic, also his origin is my yearning. The fog in London, and at the university of Cambridge, Cambridge the Banks make brother." ": oh, brother also like English." "Of course, that's the most beautiful cities in Europe." So we through the British common topic, chatted for a whole day, from then on we became friends, this is my best friend, is also the only friend.

  Winter is cold, but when the friendship with our heart, we will feel warm for long, let us together diligently to feel warmer winters of the stranger. - afterword.







  Early in the morning into the opaque campus. The campus is so cold, few alumni stroll in the empty campus, I never more than now realized the stillness of the early winter and summer...

  "Pa -" a wonderful voice, I looked back, curiously unknowingly amazing up - walk path covered with dark red "blanket". They are so beautiful, full of fantasy color. I pushed the car continued to walk forward, puzzled: why autumn leaves fall scene will appear in the winter?

  With this question, I put down the car, went to the playground, the scene here let me once again slightly open mouth, bridging the surprise. Xu had not often watch! I have never found that leaves ground scene has quietly come. Walk on by two "my fair lady", in an instant, mute into a symphony, listen to: "tickle, when -" is deciduous in singing. I looked down to greet it. It is when to come to my here?

  I looked up, a kind of "victory YanLiu of the emperor" beauty presented in sight: the tree gently move hands, say goodbye to the phase when the director leaves, they are filled with. At this point, the depression of solitary tree standing in front of my eyes, they also had strong, spring and summer season, the greenery of the stage. The green, robust tree is what people admire. Now - no, the tree is to feel appreciated, though they said goodbye to the decoration - green leaves, but still let people enjoy its imposing and magnificent, which is irreplaceable by green. Trees, autumn and winter, when the leaves fall, a terrible, still do not break...

  Back in the car, I recalled just walked through the scene, to savor. I finally know, winter, autumn, spring and summer when the tree is beautiful. Autumn winter, its leaves leave the tree, they will come back, then, is once again flourishing - spring and summer. So, also afraid to see the beauty of the scene?






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