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  There are many kinds of animals in the world. People don’t know the exact numbers.


  In the zoo, people can see many kinds of animals. For example, lions, tigers, they arescary. Monkey, foxes are intelligent. People usually think pandas, koala bears are so cuteand smart. Some animals live in the water, such as dolphins. They need a lot of water for their home. And elephants with long nose are very strange. They can sing and dance. The giraffes are quite tall because of their long necks. So they can reach the top of the trees.


  动物的英语故事:The Rabbit

  The rabbit long four legs, bouncing jump, run can fast. The tortoise also grew four legs, creep and creep up really slow.

  One day, the rabbit run into the tortoise, smiling and said: "the tortoise, tortoise, let's race, good?" The tortoise know rabbit in play jokes on him, stare small eyes, ignore also not to trample. The rabbit know turtles dare not to his race, joy set ears straight, but also made a jump folk songs joke he: the tortoise, tortoise, PaPa, early in the morning; their flower-gathering out The tortoise, tortoise, walk, evening also at the mouth. The tortoise is angry, said: "the rabbit rabbit, you don't jauntier, let's come to the race." The tortoise, you say?" We this to the race." The rabbit, listen and almost smile broke belly: "the tortoise, you true dare to race with me? That good, let's run up from here to see who first ran to the side at the foot of a tree. Prepare! One, two, three, -" .

  The rabbit coming legs have run, run quickly, soon run far away. He looked back and saw the tortoise to climb a short way? Thought: the tortoise dare with rabbit race, is really the dummist joke! I ah, slept here on a long sleep, let he climbed to here, no, let he climbed up to the front go to, I jumped twenty three jump will overtake him. "La-la-la, la-la-la, victory must be my!" The rabbit lean toward the earth a slanting, closed eyelids, really asleep. Besides the tortoise, climb is really slow, but he run to climb, creep and creep, creep, such as he climbed up to the rabbit side, already maxed out. The rabbit is to sleep, the tortoise also want to rest, but he knows the rabbit run much faster than he that only by sticking to climb down before it is possible to win. Hence, he kept go climb, climbing, climb. From the tree more and more closer, only poor dozens of step, dozen paces, steps...... Finally arrived. He is still in bed! The rabbit wakes up off after a look, alas, tortoise how gone? Go see, oh, not anyone! The tortoise has climbed to a tree. The rabbit see and nasty, hurried to catch up with can be late already, the tortoise has won. The tortoise victory.

  动物的英语故事:The bird whisperer

  Steve Nichols has a way with birds.

  The founder of the UK's National Parrot Sanctuary connects with them in a way few people can understand.

  Strolling through the centre at Friskney, in Lincolnshire, he can individually name most of the 414 parrots under his care.

  And like a horse whisperer who can "break" troublesome equines, Mr Nichols has the ability to bond with the worst behaved birds.

  He says: "I have got a natural affinity with parrots... they actually relate to me."

  "When a wild creature will jump off the tree and come walking over to you, and when it has been someone's bad pet, then I think I just feel so special."

  The majority of birds at the sanctuary are "problem pets" which overwhelmed their owners.

  Mr Nichols said increasing numbers of owners were finding their parrots too much to handle and were surrendering them to the sanctuary.

  At the current rate, he expects the sanctuary's stock to go up to more than 1,000 birds within two years.

  The influx can be put down to the rising number of parrots being imported into the UK and the fact that the animals get more difficult to manage as they get older.

  It is noise and aggression which usually drives most people to give up their birds.

  When BBC News Online visited the sanctuary, one woman phoned Mr Nichols about giving away her bird after owning it for just nine days - despite paying £900 for it.

  The bird had started attacking family members.

  Mr Nichols says: "Most people just don't realize what they are getting themselves into when they buy parrots.... they are still wild animals and can be very difficult.

  Mr Nichols changes his mobile phone ring tone every couple of days to stop his parrots mimicking it.

  "It's not like dogs which are domesticated and have been living with humans for thousands of years."

  In recent weeks, Mr Nichols has opened his sanctuary to paying customers, mainly in the hope of raising money for his expanding operation, which also includes a 24-hour helpline for worried owners.

  "As more birds come into the sanctuary the more it is going to cost.

  "So we came up with the idea that if we show people what we do, and they contribute by paying to come in, hopefully we can secure the longevity of the parrots."




















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