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  我的中秋节英语作文一:The Mid-Autumn Day

  August 15th in Chinese Lunar Calendar is the Mid-Autumn Day. It is one of the most important traditional festivals in China.

  On that day people usually go back home to have family reunion    . Each family will have the members get together to have a big dinner. The most popular food is moon cakes. They are round and look like the moon.

  The moon is the brightest this night. People eat the delicious food while they are enjoying a beautiful full moon in their yard. At this time, some old people would like to tell many past events and tell the children a story about the rabbit on the moon . The children really believe that there is a rabbit on the moon. They hope to go to the moon and have a look one day.

  What a great festival!



  中秋节晚上的月亮特别地圆。人们都在自家的院子里一边赏月一边吃着可口的月饼。这个时候 ,一些老人会讲述许多古老的故事,如月亮上的玉兔,孩子们信以为真,他们真想有一天登上月球看个究竟。


  我的中秋节英语作文二:The Mid-Autumn Day

  The Middle-Autumn Festival is one of the traditional Chinese festivals, it is often held in September or October. During the festival, family members get united and have mooncakes together. THere are various kind of mooncakes, such as bean paste, egg-yolk or meat. The shape of a mooncake is round as it symbolizes a big moon. Moreover, in the evening of the Middle-Autumn Festival, people get together in a vacant place, eating delicious mooncakes while appreciating the beautiful moon hanging in the dark sky. To conclude, the Midde-Autumn Festival is a very nice festival for Chinese people.



  我的中秋节英语作文三:The Mid-Autumn Festival

  The Mid-Autumn is a very important Chinese festival. It falls on the 15th day of August. A few days before the festival, everyone in the family will help to make the house clean and beautiful. Lanterns will be hung in front of the house.

  On the evening there will be a big family dinner. People who work far away from their homes will try to come back for the union    . After dinner, people will light the lanterns which are usually red and round. Children will play with their own toy lanterns happily.

  At night the moon is usually round and bright. People can enjoy the moon while eating moon-cakes which are the special food for this festival. They can look back on the past and look forward to the future together. It is said that there was a dragon in the sky. The dragon wanted to swallow up the moon. To protect the frighten the dragon away.



  我的中秋节英语作文四:The Mid-Autumn Festival

  Mooncakes symbolize the gathering of friends and family and are an indispensable part of the offerings made to the Earth God, Tu Ti Kung. According to popular belief, the custom of eating mooncakes began in the late Yuan dynasty. As the story goes, the Han people of that time resented the Mongol rule of the Yuan Dynasty and revolutionaries, led by Chu Yuan-chang, plotted to usurp the throne. Chu needed to find a way of uniting the people to revolt on the same day without letting the Mongol rulers learn of the plan. Chu's close advisor, Liu Po-wen, finally came up with a brilliant idea. A rumor was spread that a plague was ravaging the land and that only by eating a special mooncake distributed by the revolutionaries could the disaster be prevented. The mooncakes were then distributed only to the Han people, who found, upon cutting the cakes open, the message "Revolt on the fifteenth of the eighth month." Thus informed, the people rose together on the designated day to overthrow the Yuan, and since that time mooncakes have become an integral part of the Mid-Autumn Festival.


  我的中秋节英语作文五:The Mid-Autumn Festival

  Since ancient times, the Chinese people usually celebrate harvest in the Mid-Autumn, which is similar to the custom of celebrating Thanksgiving in the North America. The tradition of celebrating Mid-Autumn festival became popular throughout China in the early Tang dynasty. The lunar August 15 is a day for people worshiping the moon. On this day, under the dazzling bright moon, families reunite and enjoy the moon’s beauty. In 2006, Mid-Autumn festival was listed as one of China's cultural heritage, and in 2008, it was classified as a public holiday. Moon cakes, as indispensable delicious food of the festival, were gifts people sent to families and friends during the festival and usually eaten on family gatherings. There are characters of “longevity”,“good fortune”and “harmony” on the Traditional moon cakes.


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